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Viking Hand Dryer

Viking Hand Dryer

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The Viking Hand Dryer is a modern, high-performance solution designed for efficient hand drying in public restrooms. It combines advanced technology with robust construction to ensure durability, hygiene, and energy efficiency.

  • ART NO/   SIZE -58142    
  • VOLTAGE- 220V (50HZ-60HZ)
  • DIMENSIONS-  248X175X250

Key Features:

  • High-Speed Drying:
    • Dries hands in 10-12 seconds.
    • High-speed motor ensures quick and effective drying.
  • Energy Efficiency:
    • Low power consumption.
    • Utilizes minimal energy while maintaining powerful performance.
  • Hygienic Operation:
    • Touch-free activation reduces the spread of germs.
    • Includes HEPA filters to purify the air, removing 99.97% of bacteria and viruses.
  • Durable Construction:
    • Made with high-quality, robust materials for long-lasting use.
    • Vandal-resistant design suitable for high-traffic areas.
  • Noise Reduction:
    • Equipped with noise-reducing technology for quieter operation.
    • Ideal for environments where noise levels need to be minimized.
  • Sleek Design:
    • Modern and stylish appearance.
    • Available in various finishes to match different restroom decors.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance:
    • Simple to install with clear instructions.
    • Minimal maintenance required, with easy access to components for cleaning and servicing.
  • Environmental Benefits:
    • Reduces the need for paper towels, contributing to less waste.
    • Eco-friendly choice for sustainable facilities.
  • Safety Features:
    • Overheat protection to ensure safe operation.
    • Complies with safety standards and regulations.
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