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Small Glass Wiper/Car Wiper

Small Glass Wiper/Car Wiper

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Small glass wipers are available in various sizes and designs to fit different vehicles, and they may feature adjustable speed settings, heated blades for ice removal, or integrated washer systems for enhanced cleaning performance.

Key Features

  • Blade Materials: Modern wipers use advanced materials like silicone or rubber compounds for durability and efficient wiping.
  • Wiper Types:
  • Conventional Blades: Traditional design with a metal frame and rubber blade.
  • Beam Blades: Frameless, aerodynamic design for better performance.
  • Hybrid Blades: Combines features of conventional and beam blades.
  • Variable Speeds: Intermittent and variable-speed wipers allow customization based on rain intensity.
  • Rain-Sensing Technology: Some vehicles have sensors that activate wipers automatically when rain is detected.
  • Maintenance: Regular cleaning and replacing worn blades ensure optimal performance.
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