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Comix Paper Shredder S6610

Comix Paper Shredder S6610

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The Comix Paper Shredder S6610 is a powerful and reliable shredding machine designed to securely dispose of sensitive documents and information.

  • Paper shredder turns paper into small pieces
  • Shreds up to 8 sheets of 20-pound bond paper at a time, including staples and small paper clips; 
  • Destroys credit cards one at a time, through the dedicated slot
  • Handle for easily lifting up the shredder head when it's time to empty the 4.1 gallon bin

Key Features

  • High-Security Shredding: The Comix Paper Shredder S6610 is equipped with cross-cut blades that efficiently shred paper into tiny, unreadable particles, ensuring sensitive information remains confidential.
  • Heavy-Duty Performance: With its robust motor and durable cutting blades, this shredder can handle large volumes of paper, credit cards, CDs, and DVDs with ease, making it suitable for busy office environments.
  • Continuous Operation: The S6610 is designed for continuous operation, allowing you to shred documents for extended periods without the need for frequent cooldowns, improving productivity and efficiency.
  • Safety Features: This shredder is equipped with safety features such as automatic shut-off when the shredder bin is full or when the shredder is overheated, preventing accidents and prolonging the machine's lifespan.
  • User-Friendly Design: Featuring a user-friendly control panel and a spacious shredder bin, the S6610 is easy to operate and maintain, making it suitable for users of all skill levels.
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