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Double A

KN 95 Double A Care Mask (5 PCs per packet)

KN 95 Double A Care Mask (5 PCs per packet)

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Dust Particle & PM 2.5 Protective Face Mask
• V-Shape • Secure Fit • Unique Design

  • PM 2.5
  • Standard GB2626-2019 Model : C005
  • EfficiencyParticulate 0.3 um Filter ≥ 95%

Secure fit to the face

Dust particle protection

Filters out airborne particle

4-Layer Protection

Key Features and Benefits

  1. High Filtration Efficiency: The MASK KN95 Double A Care is engineered to filter out at least 95% of airborne particles, including bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants. This makes it an excellent choice for protection against respiratory pathogens and pollutants.

  2. Multi-Layer Construction: This mask typically features multiple layers of non-woven fabric and melt-blown material, enhancing its filtration capabilities and ensuring robust protection against particulate matter.

  3. Comfort and Fit: The MASK KN95 Double A Care is designed with user comfort in mind. It includes adjustable ear loops and a flexible nose bridge, which help secure the mask snugly on various face shapes and sizes, minimizing gaps and ensuring a good seal.

  4. Breathability: Despite its high filtration capacity, the mask is designed to be breathable, allowing users to wear it for extended periods without discomfort. This is particularly important for frontline workers and individuals who need to use the mask for prolonged durations.

  5. Regulatory Compliance: The MASK KN95 Double A Care meets international standards for respirators, ensuring that it provides reliable protection. It is often tested and certified to comply with relevant health and safety regulations.

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