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Letter Envelope

Letter Envelope

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A letter envelope is a common and essential stationery item used for enclosing and sending letters, documents, cards, and other paper-based materials. Here's what you need to know about them.

  • 120 gsm
  • Small Size Envelope
  • Plain Size
  • Color Available

Key Feature

  • Size Variety: Letter envelopes come in various sizes to accommodate different paper sizes and thicknesses, such as A4, A5, and standard letter size.
  • Security: Most letter envelopes feature a flap that can be sealed to protect the contents from damage, tampering, or unauthorized access during transit.
  • Address Fields: They typically have designated areas for writing both the sender's and recipient's addresses, ensuring proper delivery.
  • Materials: Letter envelopes are commonly made from paper or lightweight cardstock, though some may feature security features like security tinting or tear-resistant materials.
  • Customization: While basic letter envelopes are plain and unadorned, they can be customized with logos, designs, or special messages for personal or professional use.
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