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DVD+R (16*2 hr)

DVD+R (16*2 hr)

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DVD+R (Digital Versatile Disc Recordable) is a type of optical disc storage format that allows users to record once and read multiple times. The "16x, 2 hr" specification denotes its recording speed and capacity. 

Key Features:

  • Storage Capacity: A DVD+R (16x, 2 hr) typically has a storage capacity of around 4.7 GB or approximately 120 minutes of video in standard mode. This makes it suitable for storing large amounts of data, multimedia files, or backups.
  • Recording Speed: The "16x" speed rating indicates its maximum writing speed, which can vary the time it takes to burn data onto the disc. Higher speeds generally mean faster recording times, provided your burner and media support it.
  • Compatibility: DVD+R discs are widely compatible with DVD-ROM drives and players, making them versatile for sharing videos, photos, software, and other content across different devices.
  • Durability: These discs are designed for long-term data storage, offering stability and resistance to scratches and dust when handled and stored properly.
  • Ease of Use: DVD+R discs are straightforward to use with most modern burning software and hardware. They are suitable for both personal and professional use, from creating home movies to archiving business presentations.
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