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Custom Print Pin Badge Button

Custom Print Pin Badge Button

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Badges with print are personalized identification cards or tags typically worn on clothing or lanyards. These badges feature printed information such as names, titles, logos, or other relevant details. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Print your customized Badges with name, logo or photo.

Key Features

  • Customization: Badges with print can be fully customized to include any information you desire, such as the wearer's name, company logo, job title, or any other relevant details.
  • Variety of Materials: These badges can be made from various materials including plastic, metal, or laminated paper, allowing for flexibility in design and durability.
  • Print Quality: High-quality printing techniques ensure that the text, graphics, and images on the badges are clear, legible, and professional-looking.
  • Attachment Options: Badges can come with different attachment options such as pin backs, clips, magnets, or lanyards, allowing for versatile wearing styles.
  • Security Features: Some badges may include security features such as barcodes, QR codes, or holographic overlays to prevent counterfeiting or unauthorized access.
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