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Power Distribution Unit ( PDU ) 6 Port

Power Distribution Unit ( PDU ) 6 Port

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6 port PDU for network rack

A 6-Port Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is an essential device for managing and distributing electrical power in various environments such as data centers, server rooms, and home offices. Here’s what you need to know about it:

Key Features

1.Multiple Outlets: The PDU provides six power outlets, allowing you to connect multiple devices to a single power source. This is particularly useful for organizing and managing power distribution for equipment such as servers, networking devices, and office electronics.

2.Durable Construction: Typically built with robust materials, a 6-Port PDU is designed to withstand the demands of continuous use in professional and technical environments.

3.Surge Protection: Many PDUs include surge protection features to safeguard connected devices from voltage spikes and electrical surges, ensuring the safety and longevity of your equipment.

4.Current Monitoring: Advanced models may offer current monitoring capabilities, allowing you to track power usage and identify potential issues before they affect your operations.

5.Versatile Input Options: PDUs usually support a range of input voltage options, making them suitable for use in different regions and with various types of electrical systems.

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