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Sanative Toilet Cleaner 500ml

Sanative Toilet Cleaner 500ml

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Effective and reliable, Sanative Toilet cleaner makes your toilet sparkling clean, hygienic, and super fresh after every use.
Formulated with 10 X power, the super thick liquid formula clings to the toilet surface to clean deeply from the rim to the u-bend.

Key Features

  • Powerful Cleaning Action: Sanative Toilet Cleaner is formulated with powerful cleaning agents that target tough stains, grime, and bacteria, leaving your toilet bowl sparkling clean with minimal effort.
  • Disinfectant Properties: This cleaner contains disinfectant ingredients that help kill germs and bacteria, ensuring that your toilet is not only clean but also hygienic and safe to use.
  • Fresh Fragrance: It leaves behind a pleasant and refreshing fragrance, eliminating unpleasant odors and leaving your bathroom smelling clean and inviting.
  • Easy to Use: The convenient squeeze bottle design makes it easy to apply the cleaner directly to the toilet bowl, and its thick formula clings to the surface for better coverage and effectiveness.
  • Safe and Environmentally Friendly: Sanative Toilet Cleaner is safe to use on porcelain and ceramic surfaces and is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and free from harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia.
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