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Dettol Hand Wash 5 ltrs

Dettol Hand Wash 5 ltrs

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5 Ltrs

Dettol Hand Wash

Dettol Hand Wash in the 5-liter packaging is a trusted and effective solution for maintaining hand hygiene in homes, offices, and commercial settings. Here’s what makes it an excellent choice:

Key Features

1.Trusted Brand: Dettol is a globally recognized brand known for its commitment to health and hygiene, providing reliable protection against germs and bacteria.

2.Antibacterial Formula: Dettol Hand Wash is formulated with powerful antibacterial agents that effectively eliminate 99.9% of germs, ensuring thorough hand cleansing.

3.Large Capacity: The 5-liter packaging is ideal for bulk use, making it cost-effective and convenient for environments with high usage rates, such as offices, schools, healthcare facilities, and homes.

4.Gentle on Skin: Despite its strong antibacterial properties, Dettol Hand Wash is designed to be gentle on the skin. It contains moisturizing ingredients that help keep your hands soft and smooth, even with frequent use.

5.Pleasant Fragrance: The hand wash has a refreshing fragrance that leaves your hands smelling clean and pleasant after each wash.

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