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CELLO White Mate Whiteboard Marker

CELLO White Mate Whiteboard Marker

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The CELLO White Mate Whiteboard Marker is a high-quality writing tool designed for clear and precise markings on whiteboards. It is ideal for various environments, including classrooms, offices, and home use. Here’s what makes it an excellent choice.

  • Refillable Marker
  • Easy to wipe with dry/damp  cloth, tissues, duster etc
  • Brilliant Visibility
  • Color Available

Key Features

  • Vivid Ink: The CELLO White Mate Whiteboard Marker features bright, vibrant ink that stands out clearly on whiteboards, making your writing easy to read from a distance.
  • Smooth Writing: The marker is designed to provide a smooth writing experience, with ink that flows effortlessly onto the board without skipping or smudging.
  • Easy Erasability: Marks made with the CELLO White Mate are easy to erase with a standard whiteboard eraser, leaving no residue or ghosting, ensuring your whiteboard stays clean and ready for new content.
  • Durable Tip: The marker has a durable tip that retains its shape and performance even with frequent use, ensuring consistent line quality over time.
  • Non-Toxic Ink: The ink is non-toxic and safe for use in classrooms and other environments where safety is a concern.
  • Cap with Clip: The marker comes with a cap that has a built-in clip, making it easy to attach to pockets, notebooks, or whiteboard frames for convenient access.
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